1 Bible Verse Reflection

What verses are we overlooking when we're reading our Bible?

God's Word written in the scripture verses is powerful. Every verse can hold significant truth if we allow ourselves to meditate on them. Sometimes all it takes is one scripture verse to impact us and feed our mind and soul. Meditate on any of the following posts and grow deeper in your faith and understanding.

How aware are we that to know God is to express love to others? To know God is to know that God is love. To love God with all our being; thoughts, feelings, and actions is to be in communion with God. When we are united with God in love we easily express God’s love to others we encounter. Just as Jesus gave up his entire self for our sake, so we too serve others unconditionally for our love of God. Because God humbly serves out of love, we too serve others with the same love. Read more
1 Thessalonians 1:2 Thankful For Church
Are we reaching out to our sisters and brothers for us all to remain in communion with God? We thank God the Father. We thank Jesus. We thank the Holy Spirit. But are we also thankful for the rest of God’s community? Our sisters and brothers in Christ? Do we stay praying for the Church? Read more
1 Thessalonians 4:3 God’s Will
Are we setting ourselvs apart and being Holy for God? Holiness means to be set apart for God. Whereas other things are meant for the world or personal interests, holy things are only for God. Holy is Godly, everything else isn’t. God's will is for us to be holy. Read more
1 Thessalonians 5:10 Living for Jesus
What are we sacrificing for God? Jesus died so that we may live with him. God’s love sought union with us even if it meant death for Jesus. Do we then choose life with God or death by ourselves? Read more
1 Timothy 1:12 Worthy for Ministry
Can we be like St. Paul and accept God’s call to a particular ministry? Saint Paul speaks of his gratitude towards Jesus for considering him worthy for his ministry. St. Paul knows his shortcomings and knows that Jesus has seen past them into St. Paul’s worth. Jesus does not see where we are or have been but rather where we can and should be. Read more
1 Timothy 2:1 Pray for Others
What is preventing us from praying for our enemies? God is limitless with love and mercy. Why then do we try to limit our prayers to only certain people? We must expand our prayers to include those different from us, including our enemies. Read more
1 Timothy 3:15 Behaving in Front of God
Do we act differently when we think God is not present? Do we know how to behave when we are not being watched? Do we act differently when we are inside the church building than when we are outside? Is it because our focus is no longer on God that we assume we are able to conduct ourselves differently? But God sees all even if we refuse to see God. Read more
1 Timothy 6:16 Are We Honoring God?
Do we truly understand how God is unmatched? Only God lives eternally. Because God is life itself. The only way we can also live eternally is to join together in God. To be and remain in communion with God that lives forever. Read more
2 Corinthians 11:30 Boasting of God
How have we humbled ourselves today to show others of our love for Jesus? St. Paul boasts of his weakness. But not just for the sake of having pity for him. St. Paul is demonstrating how much he is willing to humble himself for Christ. Read more
2 Corinthians 3:4 Confidence in God
Do we really comprehend how Jesus made a close relationship with God the Father possible? St. Paul speaks about confidence. His trust in God that is possible “through” Jesus. The insertion of Jesus points to the fact that only Jesus can bring forth that close relationship with God. Read more
2 Corinthians 5:15 Love As We Are Loved
How much does Jesus' Sacrifice on the Cross drive our daily lives? If we value our lives, trying to enjoy it and live it as long as possible, what does it mean when someone gives up their life for us? How does it change us to know someone valued us more than their life? Read more
2 Corinthians 5:20 Reconciled to God
Are we focused on remaining in communion with God at all times? Humanity has fallen away from God. It is for this reason that God the Father gave his only Son to the world. That we may have life more abundantly. Read more
2 Corinthians 6:3 Stumbling Others
Do our actions bring God to others or pushes them away from God? Are we a stumbling block to others in their faith? We are meant to reflect the light that is God. As we are loved by God we too must share that love to others. In this way all will know God. Read more
2 Corinthians 9:10 God the Supplier
Do we recognize that all that we have is thanks to God's generosity? God supplies all. From the beginning he provides the seed and in the end he provides the bread. All throughout God is generous in life. Read more
2 Corinthians 9:7 Giving God's Love
Are we having the same joy when we share with others or are we giving purely out of obligation? God always gives away bountifully. This is best expressed by giving us Jesus. God did not hold back Jesus. We too are meant to give generously to God and our neighbors. Read more
2 Timothy 4:17 God Stands with Us
Can we find strength in God when others harm and abandon us doing God’s work? St. Paul speaks about being abandoned by his companions. In trying to proclaim the Good News those around him deserted him. He speaks about people opposing him to the point of harming him. But amongst the loneliness and pain St. Paul proclaims that God stood by him. From God St. Paul received strength to continue on. Read more
Acts 12:11 God Is With Us
Are we allowing ourselves to fall down into our fears and not be lifted up by God? St. Peter was facing death and at the end of his rescue from King Herod did he recover his senses of God’s love and protection. It was in looking back that he realized the presence of God in his life. Do we not also comprehend God's love only after the fact? Read more
Are we aware that by keeping our hearts away from God we begin to offend God? As sinners we decide to follow our own will, desires, and judgement instead of God’s. We lean on our own concept of right and evil. Trying to replace the tile which only God should have. Read more
Baruch 4:28 Embracing God Always
Are we aware that we need to constantly repent since we tend to not follow God’s way? We on our own fail to obey God. We do not always have mercy and love for others. To be loving we need to have God present in us. Yet we often block out God and God’s will to instead follow our desires. Read more
Colossians 1:15 Seeing God. Seeing Jesus.
Are we getting to know Jesus so we can see God the Father? Jesus is the visible of the invisible God. God the Father is divine and we as humans cannot see the divine. Only through Jesus, God becoming human, can the earthly begin to connect with the divine. For us to see God the Father we must become one with Jesus. Read more
Colossians 2:8 Follow God, Not Man
Can we tell if others are leading us to Jesus or themselves? Persuasion can have us believing in the opposite of what Jesus teaches. We may be swayed to follow the mindset of another human instead of God’s. We need to be alert of what others may be persuading us to and firm in our relationship with Christ. Read more
Colossians 3:17 In Jesus’ Name
How different would we be if we did everything in the name of Jesus? We say we are Christians. We say we follow Jesus. But how much of our actions reflect God? Are the words we speak the words Jesus would say? Is how we act towards others like Jesus? Read more
Deuteronomy 10:14 God is Great
Can we appreciate how out of God's greatness God decided to create us, forgive us, and love us? God is great. God is immense and cannot fully be understood. We cannot understand the universe so how can we grasp Heaven? And God created both so how much greater is God to us? Read more
Ephesians 2:21 Jesus My Glue
Are we uniting ourselves to Jesus who holds all things together? Jesus holds everything together. Through God things are being created which without God are left unmade. Jesus himself helps us grow into a sacred temple for God to dwell. Read more
Are we seeking God or seeking knowledge in our lives? How much knowledge do we seek? How often do we accept that we simply do not know any particular subject? Or do we look up things to check the facts for ourselves? Read more
Ephesians 4:2 Being Patient and Gentle
Are we willing to be patient and humble with those we dislike? There are people we cannot stand. That annoy us. Whom we cannot get along with. Even among our church family. We are tasked to live with them in love. Read more
Exodus 14:14 Be Still for God
Are we letting our fears affect our complete trust in God? The Israelites were frightened by the approaching danger. They complained to Moses about following God. Moses’ response is to be still since God is always fighting for his people. Read more
Exodus 14:31 God’s Power
Are we being moved by the power and might of God or do we ignore God's miracles? Only after seeing God defeat the Egyptians do the people of Israel believe in the Lord and in Moses. Prior to this they complained against God and soon after they will fail God. But for a moment they believe upon seeing the greatness of God. Read more
Exodus 33:7 God Among Us
Are we taking full advantage of God's close proximity to us through Jesus Christ? God has always been with us. It is us who move away from God. Yet, God still pursues after us and is ready to receive us back. Read more
Exodus 3:5 Stepping Into Holy
Are we approaching God differently than how we approach other things that aren't divine? God tells Moses to remove his sandals before approaching holy ground. The divine is above the earthly and so we must never try to cling to the earthly when stepping into the holy. There needs to be a letting go that must occur. Read more
Ezra 9:6 Ashamed of Sin
Are we really repentful of our sins before we ask God for forgiveness? God is loving, merciful, and forgiving. But as sinful people are we ashamed of what we have done? Before we accept God overlooking our trespasses, have we accepted how wrong we were to have committed them? Read more
Genesis 17:1 God Almighty
Once we recognize God's greatness are we willing to follow God with Faith like Abraham? God is instructing Abram to follow God’s path and not deviate. Even at an old age Abram is being asked to walk in God’s path. We too are meant to be followers. Read more
Genesis 18:15 Truth of God
God calls out our lies and things we conceal. Are we open to face the truth? God called out Sarah’s disbelief and she lied saying she did not laugh. But God again asserted the truth and Sarah could not hide from God. Read more
Genesis 22:8 God Provides
Are we still trusting in God despite our concerns, fears, and opposition? Isaac questioned Abraham about what was happening. Abraham answered to trust God. And both continued forward together. It is how our journey is meant to look like. Read more
Genesis 28:16 Recognizing God
Are we open to see God in our everyday lives through scriptures and others? Jacob recognized God's presence at a location. Although God is present everywhere we may not always see God. But how special it must be when we do have that moment. Read more
Genesis 32:31 Reverence to God
What are the ways we can humble ourselves more and more as we approach God? Jacob saw God’s face but still lived. Jacob recognizes that even though God was very personal with him God is still divine. That we as humans are not equal to God. Read more
Genesis 45:5 Saving Lives
Are we bringing Jesus into every aspect of our lives? Joseph was sent by God to save lives in his time. Jesus Christ was sent by God to forever save lives. We today in following Jesus are also sent to save souls. Read more
Genesis 46:4 God With Us Always
Can we overcome our fears and trust in God as God leads us in life? Jacob was afraid about his future journey but God assured him he would not be alone. God would be with Jacob. And so Jacob went down to Egypt comforted knowing with God everything will be well. Read more
Genesis 50:19 Reserved for God
Are we able to relinquish our power and leave the judgement to God? Joseph had the power to get revenge on his brothers so they were fearful. Most people use their power for their self-interest. But Joseph was a man of God and he left their judgement in God's hands. Read more
Haggai 2:8 God over Gold
Do we put so much of our attention on money and wealth instead of God who is greater? God created everything in the world and universe. All belong to God and as creations of God nothing can surpass God. We are God’s and we can never be greater than God. So why do we elevate silver, gold, and money so much? Read more
John 11:26 Life in God
Are our lives centered on us dying or are they focused on everlasting life with Christ? Everyone who lives believing in Jesus will never die. This may not make sense if we focus on death. But what exactly is living if not being in communion with God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Read more
John 19:27 Behold Your Mother
Can we listen to Jesus' guidance in times of pain? Jesus told the disciple to behond Mother Mary. And from that moment the disciple did as Jesus instructed for the benefit of all. Despite the fact that Jesus is suffering on the cross, we as disciples can move beyond any pain if we listen to Jesus. Read more
Are we passionate in our love for Jesus so that others are attracted as well? Philip was telling others of Jesus whom he experienced and decided to follow. He accepted Jesus’ invitation to walk with him and wanted to share his faith with Nathanael. Although Philip was passionate, all he could really do was invite Nathanael to see for himself. Read more
John 1:48 God Knows Us
Are we seeing Jesus as both human and God? Nathaniel wondered how Jesus knew him? He was asking how can God know him? The reason why he doubted Jesus was because he didn’t see Jesus‘ divinity. Nathaniel only saw Jesus’ humanity. Read more
John 21:17 Do We Love Jesus?
Do our actions and activity throughout our day reflect our love for Jesus? Peter was distressed with Jesus for asking “Do you love me?” three times. But what if Jesus asked him 97 more times? Are we also bothered by Jesus asking if we love him? Read more
Is our concern on loving Christ or being envious of others? Jesus is leading Peter. As is God leading us his followers to this very day. And just like Peter how often are we worrying about others? Read more
Are we spending every part of our days spreading Jesus to the world? God sends Jonah on a mission to deliver a message to others but Jonah flees. Jonah decides to run away from God and God’s command. Even as God continues to reach out to Jonah, he stubbornly won’t accept God’s word. How much alike are we to Jonah? Read more
Do we seek harsher judgement on people we dislike and can’t accept God’s abundant mercy? What angered Jonah was God’s love and mercy to all. Jonah did not want compassion for people he disliked. Jonah wanted his form of justice for those who did evil. He did not want to see God’s forgiveness bestowed upon his enemies. Read more
If all we have is a thanks to God, why do we claim ownership over things? What has God provided us that we should not be grateful for? From the food grown from the soil to the talents we each possess. Everything is given by God almighty. How could we hoard that which isn’t ours? Read more
Joshua 24:15 Choosing God Today
We may call ourselves Christians but do we really know what it means to be a disciple of Christ? We must constantly ask ourselves whether we want to follow God. We may say we are Christians but do we know what we are deciding by saying this? We are choosing love over everything else. Life instead of death. Read more
Judges 6:14 God Change Me
Despite all the evil in the world are we letting God move us to respond with love? Gideon asked where is God in all the current troubles he was seeing. Gideon is asking why God isn't doing something. God’s response is for us to solve the problems by allowing God to work through us. Read more
Luke 10:40 Do Not Burden God
Are we letting our problems overcome how we approach Jesus in prayer? Martha was burdened so she came to Jesus. She did well in approaching Jesus to try to find a solution to her problems. But Martha failed in how she communicated with God. Out of her stress she asked if God cared about her. Martha even moved towards demanding God to do as she sought right. Read more
Luke 11:16 Demanding God
Are we ignoring the signs in our lives God is showing us? We often want things on our own terms. We want to be the decider of what is true or not. In this way of thinking, God has to answer to us. To prove God’s existence and divinity to our satisfaction. Read more
How can we be blessed if we reject God’s gift of Jesus Christ? Are we blessed? Are we hearing the word of God and following Jesus? Are we actively doing both in every part of our lives? How can we feel blessed by God if we are not in right relationship with God? Read more
Are we aware how close God is to us and are we making the most of it? How far will we go to hear God’s word? To start to know God better to be able to see things like God sees? To then act in the love that God is? This wisdom far surpasses any intelligence or knowledge we may ever possess. Are we pursuing wisdom? Read more
If church leadership fail to follow Jesus, can we remain vigilant to God’s Word? After Jesus called out the Pharisees and scribes for their wrongs, they began to be hostile towards Jesus. The leadership was in opposition to God. Meanwhile, the majority of the people were crowding around Jesus. The people were stepping over one another to hear God speak. Read more
Luke 12:37 Servants of Christ
Are we truly ready to welcome Jesus when he appears to us in our daily lives? Jesus instructs us to always be ready to receive God. That we should be alert for his coming and be in the middle of doing God’s work. We should always be living out our faith in Christ. Spreading the love of Jesus and proclaiming Jesus always with our words and lives. Read more
Do we understand that by acknowledging Jesus with our lives we enter into the heavenly space? To acknowledge Jesus is to not be ashamed of Jesus. To stand with God regardless of how the world may view Jesus. To be with Jesus is to enter into communion with God the Father and the Holy Spirit. Essentially, we enter into the divine realm. Read more
Do we spend our energy challenging God that we are unable to see God’s grace? People may often question God and God’s motives. In times of sorrow or pain we may retaliate against God and ask why God isn't present. At other times, we may feel like we have a better sense of how things should play out. We question why God isn’t doing things the way we want. In every case, God answers. Read more
Luke 1:46-47 God-Centered Like Mary
Mary shows us how to stay focused and joyful with God in us. Mary’s soul proclaims God. Mary’s spirit rejoices in God. Her entire being, her entire self is centered on God. From her heart, to her mind, to her words, to her actions. All of her is centered on God. Read more
Can we recognize God at work in others just like people recognized John the Baptist? People noticed something special in the birth of John the Baptist. Maybe it was because St. John’s mother was advanced in years when she gave birth? Or because the name John was decided for him? Or that his father got his speech back at naming him? Read more
Could we be failing at praising God because we are not appreciating Jesus’ presence? The people gathered in the synagogue for God. To be instructed by God. Awaiting to learn from God. And God did appear. God showed up to the people and taught and spoke to the people in Jesus. And everyone praised God. This is what church is meant to resemble. Read more
Luke 4:20 God Speaks
Are we focusing on Jesus the right way? Jesus speaks to us through Scripture. If we’re paying close attention Jesus is revealed in the Old Testament. And it is surprising what is revealed when we hear the truth spoken by Jesus. And we can be left focused on what we just witnessed. Read more
Are you bringing Jesus home from church? After gathering for God in the synagogue, Jesus entered Simon Peter’s house where others gathered for God as well. Here the followers of God came together to pray for a fellow family member who was sick. Read more
Are we truly giving up everything to follow Jesus? At what point are we all in on Jesus Christ? When do we grasp God’s presence in our life boat? Have we reached the point of focusing entirely on Jesus and leaving everything else behind? Read more
Do other people’s blessings enrage us? We are either for God or against God. Working towards joining Jesus or trying to disassemble Jesus’ work. Jesus did bring unity with the scribes and the Pharisees but it was in opposition to God’s work. Read more
If we are Christians, are we spending time in prayer as Jesus did? Jesus teaches us the path to walk. Jesus sets the example we must follow. To be a follower of Christ is to get to know Jesus in order to walk, talk, see, and feel like Jesus does. Read more
Luke 6:46 Jesus is Our Lord
Are we fulfilling God’s commandments or just pretending that we are? Jesus questions why our actions do not match our words. Why do we call upon Jesus when we are refusing to follow God’s lead? If we are to call Jesus our Lord, what do we think it means? Should we not be submitting to Jesus’ instruction? Read more
What does Jesus’ passion mean to us and are we praying enough on it? Jesus was teaching his disciples but they could not understand. Jesus emphasized his passion but his disciples did not get it and did not want to ask more about it. Even though Jesus tells his disciples to pay attention, are we still not listening? Read more
If we don’t approach our Christian faith with sincerity in getting to know Jesus we will never see God. Herod the tetrarch hears about Jesus. He knows OF Jesus but Herod doesn’t know Jesus. Herod is interested in Jesus for the wrong reasons. He seeks to see Jesus with his eyes rather than his heart. And so Herod fails to see Jesus at all. Read more
Malachi 3:20 Hearts Set on God
Is our fear of God driving our lives or are we succumbing to the will of the world? We are meant to obey God. We are meant to walk in righteousness even if the world is moving away from God. The world may decide and act against God but God’s justice repairs the distorted community. Read more
Are we properly focused on Jesus' resurrection or are we still seeking earthly things? Jesus is predicting about his upcoming passion. He is revealing the suffering he will endure but more importantly Jesus is highlighting his resurrection. Jesus is speaking of divine matters. Read more
Mark 10:52 Liberty to Follow
After all the healing Jesus is doing on us, are we turning our attention to God? A person with an illness begged Jesus for a cure and Jesus complied without any conditions. Jesus simply sent the cured individual with the command go. In this instance there is no direct instruction on where to go to. Read more
How often do we assume we know more than God Almighty? People challenge God. So God challenges the people and they respond with “we do not know.” And that will always be the outcome when we approach God in this manner. Read more
Why are our expectations of God so low when God is almighty? People were amazed at Jesus. People were amazed at God. But why were they amazed? Today’s reading suggests that God exceeded their expectations. As God always will. Read more
With Ressurection, where is our focus? On the death or the life? People who rejected the resurrection approached Jesus. Already they are lost. If we come to a God of resurrection with doubt we will never be in communion with God. We’ll be greatly misled. Read more
What sins are we covering up hoping that God does not notice? Jesus points out how people can excuse their misdeeds with works of piety. In their minds, by lengthening their acts they hope they can absolve their wrongs. Jesus says no to this. Read more
When faced with problems in lives how often do we turn to Jesus for our solutions? The disciples of Jesus had not understood what the feeding of the five thousand was about. Jesus is teaching his followers but are we getting it? In giving all those people enough to eat Jesus was attempting to show us how God always provides. Even when there may not seem like much, God provides food, shelter, security, and life. All we need to do is pray and rely on God. Read more
When God is being revealed in our everyday lives, are we making it about ourselves? Jesus was revealing a glimpse of his divinity. Peter out of fear interrupted God and made it about himself. Peter spoke about his goodness rather than God’s. Even though he saw the divinity of Jesus Peter called Jesus teacher. Read more
Matthew 10:40 Receiving God
Are we open to inviting in others into the God's church family? If we receive a Christian we are receiving Christ. And if we receive Christ we are also receiving God the Father. Jesus is highlighting the union and community that God's love produces. Read more
Matthew 11:20 Jesus Reproaches
With all Jesus has done for us, are we still not responding to God's call? God had arrived in Jesus to certain towns. And God’s presence produced mighty deeds so that people might realize God had arrived and return to the Lord. But they did not. Read more
Matthew 11:30 Yoke of Jesus
Are we tied down to Jesus or being tied down by fears and concerns? We are all tied to something. We may be tied down to our problems, fears, or ambitions. Jesus offers us to be tied up with God which is easy and light. Read more
Matthew 12:15 Jesus Walks Away
Are we following after Jesus or are we dwelling in the evils of the world? Our evil cannot hold Jesus. Jesus can move away from evil’s grasp. And God’s disciples withdraw with Jesus wherever God goes. And they are cured. Read more
Matthew 13:2 Gathering for Jesus
Are we helping in building God's church by bringing people together? Jesus gathered people around him. Jesus then sat and taught the people as they stood listening. Such is how God operates with God’s church. Read more
Matthew 13:25 God Over Enemy
Are our lives reflecting the divisiveness of the devil or the loving gathering of God? The enemy came to disrupt God’s work. The enemy came in secret. While others rested. Most likely in the dark. In the end, what God plants grows and is not stopped. Read more
Matthew 13:58 Responding to Jesus
Do we have enough faith to respond to God's call to us? Jesus reached out to people and they rejected God. Jesus taught about God but they were unwilling to listen and see. So with little faith present Jesus did not work many mighty deeds. How unfortunate. Read more
Matthew 14:12 Take It to Jesus
When life over burdens us, do we take it to Jesus or do we try to deal it all by ourselves? The people close to John the Baptist must have been in pain seeing him now beheaded. They felt the responsibility to tend to his body by burying it and not leaving it unattended. Then they took this pain to Jesus. Read more
Matthew 14:31 Path of Jesus
Are we stumbling in following after Jesus with our crosses? Peter walked towards Jesus and along the way sank into danger. But Jesus immediately catches Peter and brings him up. So goes for all followers of Jesus. Read more
Matthew 15:23 Blocking God
Are we blocking others from praying to Jesus or do we feel rejected by other Christians? Wherever God is present with his followers there is God’s church. So someone brought their prayer to church. Specifically to Jesus. And because God did not respond at first, the “followers” then prayed to God to have them removed because they felt bothered. Read more
Matthew 17:16 Bring It to Jesus
Do we act as a church community and come together before Jesus with our problems? The followers of Jesus Christ could not cure the suffering that a man’s son was experiencing. Someone brought a problem to the followers of Jesus. Brought it to church. But the people of Jesus could not provide a solution. They had to eventually bring it to Jesus for the cure. Read more
Matthew 18:21 Forgiving Like God
Do we consider how much God has forgiven us when thinking about forgiving others? Peter approached Jesus to ask about forgiveness. Someone had wronged Peter and he wanted Jesus to guide him on what to do. We also must approach Jesus to guide us on how to handle our enemies. The only response for Peter and for us will always be the same: forgive. Read more
Matthew 19:21 Jesus Over Everything
Can we let go of our desires for wealth and riches in order to hold on to God? A rich young man asked Jesus what he needs to do to have eternal life. There was one simple answer that Jesus provided. Hold on to Jesus. Hold on to God to have life. Read more
Are we able to change our life plans for God’s plan for us? Joseph had his own plans for how to handle his marriage and his life. Like we ourselves do. But God always appears in our lives to guide us away from our selfish paths and towards God’s will. We are meant to reflect God in our lives but how can we if we are living for ourselves? We need to decide if we respond to God’s call. Read more
Matthew 20:12 Love Equally
Do we reflect the same mercy and compassion God has for us to others? In the parable, the workers in the vineyard are complaining to the landowner about others receiving the same pay as them. Not that their pay wasn’t enough. Not that their work was bad. But about what others received. Read more
Matthew 22:12 Changing for God
Are we lying to ourselves that we have no sin and refusing to repent? At the wedding feast the king asked a guest how they arrived without the proper clothing. That is to say, God is asking us how could we get to heaven without having changed ourselves? Since we start from a point of sin we need to follow Jesus to arrive at the feast that is heaven. But along the way we need to change our habits and let go of our old selves. Read more
Matthew 23:3 Attentive to God
Are we following God speaking to us through people or just a person who lacks God? How often are we following the examples of others? We may or may not be aware but others influence us. We may go along and imitate people we like. And we may like people because they say and appear to be what we admire. But often times people may say something but act differently. Read more
Matthew 4:24 Seek Jesus for a Cure
Do we believe in the healing power of Jesus to journey towards God? Once people heard about Jesus’ healing abilities many came bringing their illness for a cure. No matter how serious the illness may have been, the people believed in Jesus enough to come from far away. And the more people talked about how Jesus was able to cure their sickness, the more other people wanted to be cured as well. Read more
Matthew 5:1-2 Jesus Teaches from Above
Are we being attentive to the divine instead of the earthly? Jesus sees the crowd of people. Jesus notices each one of us here on earth. As fully human Jesus understands our needs because he walked on Earth like we do. Jesus came down to Earth for us. Read more
Matthew 5:16 Be the Light of God
Are we reflecting God to the people around us today? Jesus is teaching his followers. Jesus is teaching us. We are told to be an example to the world. As light shines throughout so must we be for others. Read more
Matthew 5:44 Praying for Enemies
Although it is difficult, we as Christians must love our enemies. Jesus tells us to pray for those who harm us. During the pain this can be hard to imagine. More so if we know they will continue to persecute us. Yet Jesus is inviting us to move beyond the suffering. Read more
Matthew 6:25 More to Life Than
Are we spending our days for the earthly that perishes or for God who is life? What is life but in and with God. God breathed life into us and it is only with God that we have true life. Everything else perishes over time but only God is everlasting. God is life. Read more
Matthew 6:7 Babbling to God
Where is our focus when we pray to God? Is it on ourselves or God? Jesus instructs his disciples not to babble in prayer. Jesus is telling us not to pray like the pagans did. When we pray we should be aware of who we are praying to: God. Read more
Matthew 7:13 The Narrow Gate
Are we willing to give up everything to follow Jesus? Jesus is leading us through the narrow gate. Jesus is advising us to avoid the easy path that many find convenient. Jesus is highlighting that following him will involve some shedding. Read more
Matthew 7:20 Fruits of Disciples
Are our days spent gathering God's harvest or are we actually not working for God's Kingdom? Jesus points out that the truth is eventually revealed. Evil cannot be disguised as good forever and time proves what was wrong and what was right. Read more
Matthew 8:19 Following Jesus
Have we realized that all of scripture points to Jesus and are we committed to follow Christ? A scholar of scripture calls Jesus “teacher” and declares their intention to follow Jesus. This should be our goal in life as well. In reading the bible we must realize Jesus is our instructor to life and without him we will perish. We must dedicate ourselves to follow Jesus. Read more
Matthew 8:34 Shooing Jesus Away
Are we rejecting God's grace, love, and communion? Jesus arrived and expelled the evil present in a town which made the people gather to Jesus. Yet, instead of communing with God the crowd were asking Jesus to leave. This may seem nonsensical but it happens all too often. Read more
Matthew 9:10 Communing with Jesus
Are we failing to join in communion with God because of our sins? Jesus was eating with his disciples and sinners entered into the house as well. The sinners joined Jesus at the table to take part in the meal. Church was taking place. Read more
Do we realize that only relying on Jesus can deliver us from all pain and suffering? There is joy in God. There is strength in God. Seeing God present in our lives regardless of our problems puts things into rightful perspective. God who is creator and ruler of everything will prevail with peace, mercy, and love. Having this knowledge is powerful. Read more
Do we as a chuch community work on coming together or turning against one another? God's people were being led by God’s messengers. Along the way they faced a challenge. Rather than gathering to ask for guidance they came together to complain to the leadership. The trying times showed their untrusting hearts. Read more
Numbers 21:5 Rejecting God
Do we realize that by rejecting God’s gifts we are rejecting God? The people of God were disgusted with the food they were given. They no longer appreciated what God has provided. The people thus put themselves in misery. By rejecting God’s gifts we are rejecting God. Read more
Psalm 106:20 Not Giving Up God
Are we keeping God first in our lives or are we prioritizing other things? We should honor God above everything else. Nothing should take God’s place. Such is outlined as the first of the Ten Commandments. But how soon do we break this? Read more
Psalm 111:10 Gaining Wisdom
Do we realize that wisdom begins with respect for God? Smart people may know about certain subjects but the wise know about God. To understand all things is to realize that everything begins with God. And since God is creator of all we must begin by respecting God and God's creation. Read more
Psalm 116:12 Grateful to God
Are we continously aware of the many blessings from God? Can we ever repay God for all God has done for us? Do we fully understand what the Lord has and is doing for us? From our daily breath, bread, and blessings we may never fully take it in. Read more
Psalm 126:2 In God There Is Joy
Are we letting our problems dominate our hope in God’s joy? Although times may be devastating and with no end in sight, God turns despair into joy. We may not be able to understand it at the moment as we’re suffering but all we need to know is that ends all suffering. God is greater than evil, hurt, and pain. They are not eternal. Only God is. Read more
Psalm 139:8 God is Everywhere
Are we ignoring God and all God has offered us? God is everywhere. From the highly (Heaven) to the lowly (hell) God the creator has no boundaries. And especially since God created us, God is especially present with us. God sees everything we do and knows our inner thoughts. Read more
Are we approaching each day by choosing God over earthly things? God gives clarity in life. God being the light of the world gives us sight to truly see things. Without God we are in the dark, left blind. Only by the light of God can we move out of the darkness and into life. Read more
Psalm 146:2 God in My Soul
Are we being grateful and thankful to God throughout our day? The Psalmist asks their soul to praise God. Their innermost being to be grateful to God. This speaks to having God at the center of ourselves. First God, then everything else. Read more
Psalm 146:8 God Raised Me
Are we allowing God to lift us up past our troubles and suffering? We as humanity fall into trouble, fall from grace, fall out of love. But God the ever constant love and Almighty remains unchanged. God seeks to raise up that which is down. Are we allowing ourselves to be lifted up by God? Read more
Do we live in God's truth or is our view on life covered by the darkness of lies? God is truth and is not covered up with lies. Lies create confusion and uncertainty. This is not of God. Read more
Are we resisting the will of God with our own intentions and desires? When people and nations want to rule their way they cannot accomplish their goals. It is God’s plan that succeeds. God always intervenes to disrupt their plans. Read more
Psalm 33:13 On Earth as in Heaven
Do we recognize how God in Heaven is very present to us here and now? God observes us. God is very present even as God is in heaven. God is never distant or unattentive although we may think so. Read more
Are our days oriented on gaining money or gaining God? We are aware that we will experience death. And if we think about it, we know that we will not take any of our possessions in the afterlife. So why do we cling to our things so much? Why do we put so much of our trust in wealth? Read more
Psalm 66:17 Praise God First
When we pray, are we allowing time to glorify God instead of just asking for things? How often do we approach God? And when we do, is it mainly to ask for something? Do we spend time in our prayers praising God? How would our prayers and lives change if praise came first? Read more
Psalm 81:13 Choosing God
God gives us the choice to follow Jesus or our desires. Where does our heart lead us? God seeks after us when we have gone astray. God tries to lead us to life away from the path of destruction and death. But God cannot force our will. Out of love we are given freedom to choose. Read more
Psalm 85:9 Listening for Peace
Why do we spend so much away from Jesus when only with God do we have peace? The psalmist speaks of listening to God. Of expecting peace from God for all of God’s people. And rightfully so. Peace is what God provides. Read more
Psalm 90:3 God Forms Dust
Are we grateful for all God has done for us, including each breath? How aware are we that we are not eternal? As much power we may think we have, we all will eventually turn back to dust. Only God is eternal and by God's love were we given breath to live. Read more
Psalm 99:6 God Answers
How and when do we approach God in our daily prayer? How strong is our reliance on God? Scripture continually tells us how close God is to us. How God pursues us and answers our needs. So with this knowledge why don’t we continuously call on God all throughout our lives? Read more
Romans 1:16 Ashamed of God
Are we more fearful of God or humanity when we proclaim the Gospel? Are we ashamed of the Gospel? Do we deny knowing Jesus when confronted by the world? Are we claiming to be Christians but when approached by others about our beliefs we prefer to not stand with Christ? We need to look at how different we act as Christians from how we think we are followers of Jesus. Read more
Romans 2:3 God Judges, Not I
Are we judging others for their sins and forgetting our own? Who have we judged lately? Passing judgement on someone else is a perilous thing. For only God can truly decide what is right and what is wrong. Unless we are voicing God's Word, how can we be our sister’s or brother’s judge? Read more
Since we all need God, can we see how we are all the same? God knows that we are all guilty of sin. Of turning away from God. It is why God the Father sent Jesus to us. To come down to where we have fallen and guide us back up. Why then do we treat one another differently? Read more
Romans 6:15 Jesus Above Sin
Do we realize that only by keeping Jesus close do we overcome sin? St. Paul states that we Christians are no longer to be dominated by sin since we no longer are under the law. We are now under grace and thus can overcome sin. But, of course, not by ourselves. Grace involves God intervening into our lives and is not something we ourselves can do on our own. Read more
How much are we thinking about our spiritual life when we sin? We are all aware at some level that we have an end to our earthly lives. We may not always be thinking about it but it must cross our minds from time to time. Likewise, we are at least subconscious that we are currently alive, living, breathing when we wake up. Read more
Romans 7:21 Tempted by Evil
Do we realize that even though sin holds us down, Jesus is the answer to lift us up? Temptation is particularly present when we are trying to do good. When we are trying to follow God. We are challenged to see how faithful we are to obeying God. Do we easily give in to evil? Read more
Are we letting the Holy Spirit inside of us to give us life and overcome death? Romans 8:11 highlights the unity of the Son of God with the Holy Spirit. Because Jesus remained in communion with God the Father and the Holy Spirit, death was never going to end Jesus’ life. For God is life and it is impossible to not have life if one remains with God. Read more
Romans 8:15 God. Abba. Family
If we can begin to see God as Father, can we see everyone else as family? Can we recognize the privilege of knowing how close God is? The creator of all things is personally close to us that we can call God, “Abba.” As baptized people we have been joined into the divine family. Read more
If our priority is on ourselves instead of God why do we think we can endure suffering? What do we value more: God or other things less than God? Do we seek self-pleasure or the love that is God? Are we by our actions valuing life, God being the true source of life, or by rejecting God are we rejecting life? Our view on suffering will depend on how we prioritize God. Read more
Sirach 35:12 Generous as God
God has given us so much. Can we imitate God's generosity? God is very generous to us. What is ours that God hasn't given to us freely. Can we really begin to comprehend all that has been given to us? Read more
Tobit 8:8 Prayer Before Bed
What can the married couple of Tobiah and Sarah teach us today? A married couple prayed together before going to bed for the night. They were in union in their devotion to God. Facing their fear and uncertainty for their future they relied on God to deliver them. Read more
Zechariah 8:21 Living to Reflect God
Are we attracting others to Jesus by the way we live? God gathers and unites. As a church we are meant to attract others into the faith. By our way of living we need to inspire those around us to want to get to know Jesus. Regardless of the current economical, political, or social issues we are all meant to seek and walk towards God. Read more
Zechariah 8:6 All Possible with God
Do we let our fears limit seeing the saving power of God? God can do the impossible. We can never understand God so we may never truly know all the wonders God can do. Our minds are limited in what we can comprehend but let us never try to limit God. Read more

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