Asking Jesus Ambitiously

Are we properly focused on Jesus' resurrection or are we still seeking earthly things?

Mark 10:38

Jesus is predicting about his upcoming passion. He is revealing the suffering he will endure but more importantly Jesus is highlighting his resurrection. Jesus is speaking of divine matters.

And his followers are concerned with earthly matters. Disregarding Jesus’ point on resurrection, Jesus’ followers ask him to grant them whatever they want. God is speaking about enduring death yet rising for the sake of humanity and yet we followers are interested in me, myself, and I. We seek honor and privilege and have we become arrogant enough to pray to God for this?

How often do we hear about Jesus taking on our sins and rising from the dead and our minds are concerned with our ego. We, followers of Christ, are stuck on wealth, pleasure, power, and honor. Jesus responds by pointing out that we do not know what we’re asking for.

Indeed we don’t. Let us today consider what exactly we are petitioning God in our prayers. Is it for the benefit of God or ours? Is it related to divine matters or earthly? If our petitions are not of God, let us today contemplate on what Jesus is informing us about his passion. After meditating on Jesus’ passion then lets approach God with our request. Hopefully, now regarding divine matters.

Tags: Focus, Mark, Prayer, Ressurection

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