Angered by God’s Mercy

Do we seek harsher judgement on people we dislike and can’t accept God’s abundant mercy?

Jonah 4:1

What angered Jonah was God’s love and mercy to all. Jonah did not want compassion for people he disliked. Jonah wanted his form of justice for those who did evil. He did not want to see God’s forgiveness bestowed upon his enemies.

But how can God not have mercy on us who truly repent from our sins? God wishes to save us, not condemn us. In Jesus Christ is the greatest proof of God’s mercy and love. A call for all of us, even people we dislike, to leave our sinful behavior and turn back to God. And God is already meeting us with open arms to welcome us into communion.

We may feel like certain people are undeserving of forgiveness. Or that we ourselves are not worthy. Or even that there needs to be a certain act or payment done before forgiveness can be granted. But this is not God. God is bountiful in forgiving each one of us.

Let us not be angered by how others are shown mercy. For we too have been shown mercy by God. We are all sinners and only God can judge us. Let us leave the role of judgement to God and instead look at how better we can humble ourselves in seeking God’s forgiveness for our sins. For God is eager in granting us mercy to a contrite heart.

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