Entering Into Life with God

Are we letting the Holy Spirit inside of us to give us life and overcome death?

Romans 8:11

Romans 8:11 highlights the unity of the Son of God with the Holy Spirit. Because Jesus remained in communion with God the Father and the Holy Spirit, death was never going to end Jesus’ life. For God is life and it is impossible to not have life if one remains with God.

Part of entering into communion with God involves having the Holy Spirit remain in us. Act through us. Letting the Spirit live in us. How can we say that we are followers of God if we don’t work in letting the Holy Spirit be in us?

God is a Triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. To know the Father is to first know Jesus the Son and to let the Holy Spirit dwell in us. To enter into this relationship is to be with God. The source of life. And in this manner death will not be the end of our lives.

For as we hold on to God, hold on to life itself, we will be raised from the dead just as Jesus was. Let us be motivated to enter into communion with God. Let us work on getting to know Jesus and allowing the Holy Spirit to live inside of us. In doing so, we are choosing life and not death.

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