God’s Will, Not Mine

Are we resisting the will of God with our own intentions and desires?

Psalm 33:10

When people and nations want to rule their way they cannot accomplish their goals. It is God’s plan that succeeds. God always intervenes to disrupt their plans.

It may seem that people’s self-interests are dominating the world but they are not. Even though a person or regime may be in power for a long time, God’s will will outlast them. Selfishness isn’t eternal.

So when we live selfishly, we will always be frustrated for not reaching our ambitions. God intervenes to bring us into love but when we resist we are conflicted because we can’t let go of our ego.

Most of our worries can go away once we begin to hold on to God. Once God’s will is done and not ours. We can experience a peace not found by ourselves.

Let us think today about what is frustrating us. Is it caused by our self-centered aspirations? What is God’s will for us today? Let us pray to God for direction to peace.

Tags: Acceptance, Ego, Peace, Problem, Psalm, Reject

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