The Narrow Gate

Are we willing to give up everything to follow Jesus?

Matthew 7:13

Jesus is leading us through the narrow gate. Jesus is advising us to avoid the easy path that many find convenient. Jesus is highlighting that following him will involve some shedding.

The path of life through Jesus asks us to give up many things. If we are to enter into the kingdom of God we cannot do so while holding on to our earthly habits. We simply cannot fit through the gate bringing so much baggage.

What we need to do is let go of realistically everything not of God. Jesus is the path, the gate, and the destination. Once we have God, what else would we need?

We need to orient our day and way of thinking to prioritize God. Once we are aligned to Jesus, we can truly live. If we prioritize everything else we are following things that perish.

Can we think of ways that we are choosing the wider gate and road of destruction? Let us give up something today that is not of God. Let us begin removing activities out of our day that we can use instead for prayer, charity, or other acts that bring us closer to God.

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