Continue Following Jesus

If church leadership fail to follow Jesus, can we remain vigilant to God’s Word?

Luke 12:1

After Jesus called out the Pharisees and scribes for their wrongs, they began to be hostile towards Jesus. The leadership was in opposition to God. Meanwhile, the majority of the people were crowding around Jesus. The people were stepping over one another to hear God speak.

There are times where the church leadership are acting in opposition to Jesus. Where instead of responding to God’s Word, they are trying to incite conflict. Jesus is calling the leadership to change their ways but they may have difficulty listening to God.

Yet, the rest of the followers of God may continue to listen for God’s Word. Regardless of when the leadership repents, the rest of the people may be unchanged in our obedience to God. We can continue to wait on God’s instruction.

It can be discouraging to see the church leadership involved in matters opposing God but we should not let it distract us from Jesus. We need to continue to focus on God. Continue gathering together as Church, maybe even stepping on each other just to be near God’s Word. True disciples of Christ remain attentive to their Shepherd. May our eyes always remain on Jesus.

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