Truth of God

God calls out our lies and things we conceal. Are we open to face the truth?

Genesis 18:15

God called out Sarah’s disbelief and she lied saying she did not laugh. But God again asserted the truth and Sarah could not hide from God.

We tend to lie to others and to ourselves about how “good” we are. But God is the truth and good who can measure us. We cannot persuade or bend the truth to God.

As with Sarah, as well as Adam and Eve, we begin to lie out of fear of the wrong we did to God. We may downplay our sins as not severe or actually not a sin. We prefer to appear in good standing with God when we really have fallen short.

We too will encounter God’s truth about our actions. If we are in the wrong let us have the humility to say we are wrong. Let us face that shame and confess what we did. Let us not repeat Adam and Eve’s shortcomings.

Can we think of a wrong we are hiding from God? Have we lied to ourselves and God trying to appear in the right? Can we hear God’s truth confronting our lie?

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