Behaving in Front of God

Do we act differently when we think God is not present?

1 Timothy 3:15

Do we know how to behave when we are not being watched? Do we act differently when we are inside the church building than when we are outside? Is it because our focus is no longer on God that we assume we are able to conduct ourselves differently? But God sees all even if we refuse to see God.

Let us remember that God sees us all and is not unaware of the bad behavior we do in our private spaces. We cannot hide from God so let us stop trying to conceal things from God. We should have God in our minds and hearts constantly and thus behave knowing God is watching.

Part of the division God tries to gather together is the different behavior we have throughout our day. We may act polite in one setting, with certain people, and not act the same way later on with others. God wants us not to have a divided mind and be unified in who we are. To be good to everyone all the time.

Let us pause today before we speak and act and think about our God. Let us consider God’s presence and think how we can act differently knowing God is present. We should change our actions to be in line with God’s ways and live out God’s love in all that we do.

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