Not Misled by the Living God

With Ressurection, where is our focus? On the death or the life?

Mark 12:27

People who rejected the resurrection approached Jesus. Already they are lost. If we come to a God of resurrection with doubt we will never be in communion with God. We’ll be greatly misled.

When God speaks of resurrection God is speaking of life. A life at its fullest. No longer held down by death but moving beyond it. Are we like the Sadducees and stuck on matters of death? Are our daily concerns over death or things that perish?

The Sadducees were concerned with how marriage will operate after death all the while not focusing on the communion with God in this lifetime. They physically came close to Jesus but were ever so far from God with their hearts focused on death.

In our prayers is our focus on deathly matters or can we raise up our focus? Let us curtail our request for less pain, diverting death, or earthly pleasures. Instead, let us today focus on Jesus resurrected. A God of life who wants us to have life more abundantly.

Tags: Challenge, Death, Doubt, Life, Mark, Resurrection

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