God-Centered Like Mary

Mary shows us how to stay focused and joyful with God in us.

Luke 1:46-47

Mary’s soul proclaims God. Mary’s spirit rejoices in God. Her entire being, her entire self is centered on God. From her heart, to her mind, to her words, to her actions. All of her is centered on God.

This may have been true prior to Mary’s conception, but it is ever more true now as she visited her relative Elizabeth. With God incarnate, Mary has God literally and figuratively at the center of herself. And when she does it shows. It shows itself to others. As Elizabeth herself noticed even through her own child. All without Mary saying one word.

Are we also God-centered as Mary? Is our innermost thoughts and feelings centered on God. Are we making an effort today to remove anything within ourselves not ordered towards God. Only then can we begin to project God onto others. Shall we meditate today on how great God has been to us? On how God has saved us through his Son Jesus Christ?

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