Praise God at Church

Could we be failing at praising God because we are not appreciating Jesus’ presence?

Luke 4:15

The people gathered in the synagogue for God. To be instructed by God. Awaiting to learn from God. And God did appear. God showed up to the people and taught and spoke to the people in Jesus. And everyone praised God. This is what church is meant to resemble.

When people gather for God, God appears and speaks to God’s people. Jesus shows up and teaches us what we must do. If we are listening and really paying attention we would be grateful to have God with us. To have Jesus guide us and walk with us in our lives. It becomes clear that the only response would be to praise God.

Yet do we all share this experience when we come together for church? Are we all gathering together for God or are our focus on other things? Do we recognize that Jesus is still teaching us? Do we have the eyes to see Jesus in our midst and hear God’s Word speaking to us? If not, can that explain why we are lacking praise?

How can we be grateful to God if we do not take the time to realize all God has done for us? It must be an intentional motive to come to God, listen to God, and appreciate what God is doing. If we don’t seek this we can miss Jesus and the opportunity to praise God. But it is not simply an individual matter. We must all be attentive and grateful to God. For a church consists of a community of followers and not merely one individual. Jesus taught within the community of God’s people. So let us all work together as a community of Christians to be led by God.

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Praise God at Church • Luke 4:15

Could we be failing at praising God because we are not appreciating Jesus’ presence?

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