Following Jesus

Have we realized that all of scripture points to Jesus and are we committed to follow Christ?

Matthew 8:19

A scholar of scripture calls Jesus “teacher” and declares their intention to follow Jesus. This should be our goal in life as well. In reading the bible we must realize Jesus is our instructor to life and without him we will perish. We must dedicate ourselves to follow Jesus.

The scribe in reading scripture learns about God and so must we study the bible. How else can we know God if not by his salvation story? We can begin the process of better knowing our God if we read and meditate daily.

Hopefully after learning of the love of God for us we can recognize Jesus as the path to salvation. We grow a yearning to get to know Jesus even more. No matter where we are or what we are doing we desire to follow Jesus.

If there is a limitation in the scribe’s approach it is that he referred to Jesus only as a teacher. The scribe’s view of Jesus was limited to an instructor unlike St. Thomas’ view as “my Lord and my God.” We too should not follow Jesus because of the lifestyle or morals Jesus teaches but because we recognize Jesus as God.

Let us continue our journey in following Jesus through further scripture study and deep prayer. Let us declare to Jesus today: “My God, help me follow you wherever I go.” Let us meditate on this statement and see how much we mean it.

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