Ashamed of God

Are we more fearful of God or humanity when we proclaim the Gospel?

Romans 1:16

Are we ashamed of the Gospel? Do we deny knowing Jesus when confronted by the world? Are we claiming to be Christians but when approached by others about our beliefs we prefer to not stand with Christ? We need to look at how different we act as Christians from how we think we are followers of Jesus.

To be ashamed is to hold some form of fear. Fear of what might happen should we choose to stand up for God. Fear of what others might think of us or begin to treat us differently afterwards should we choose to proclaim the Gospel. Are we then not having more fear of what other humans might think of us instead of fear of God? Fear that we are letting down Jesus? Fear of being disobedient to God?

So where do we stand with regards to the Gospel? Let us review internally what is driving us? Fear of God or fear of man? In beginning to grasp this we can then see whether we are preachers of the Gospel or ashamed of it. And if we are not fearful of God let us reorient ourselves into understanding that God is the Almighty creator of all and we are not.

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