Prayer Before Bed

What can the married couple of Tobiah and Sarah teach us today?

Tobit 8:8

A married couple prayed together before going to bed for the night. They were in union in their devotion to God. Facing their fear and uncertainty for their future they relied on God to deliver them. They presented to God their worries and were able to go to bed doing all they could do.

Both Tobiah and Sarah were very God-fearing people. In their prayer they reveal how much God-oriented they were. They began prayers by praising God, acknowledging his greatness. Their prayers showed how they knew God’s history (God’s story) and how it related to them currently.

When we face issues do we take it to God? Do we invite others to join us? Is scripture informing our prayers? Tobiah and Sarah would answer yes and that is why both were able to end with Amen, leave it to God, and not have a problem going to sleep.

What is one problem that has been on our mind lately? Can we take it to God in prayer? In our prayers can we begin in a manner like Tobiah and Sarah? Can we relate it to scripture? Let’s attempt to imitate Tobiah and Sarah today.

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