Being Patient and Gentle

Are we willing to be patient and humble with those we dislike?

Ephesians 4:2

There are people we cannot stand. That annoy us. Whom we cannot get along with. Even among our church family. We are tasked to live with them in love.

Despite what they may make us feel we need to respond without any animosity. Instead of frustration we need to be patient and understanding. To be open to see them as God sees us all.

We should avoid distancing away from those we despise. In doing so we are alienating ourselves from God because God is a uniting God and dwells in everyone.

Let us think about who is the person we currently don’t get along with. Can we begin to see them as God does? As people of God, can we extend our love, care, and concern for them? Let us work on uniting and maintaining God’s family.

Tags: Ephesians, Gentle, Humility, Love, Patience, Understanding

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