God’s Power

Are we being moved by the power and might of God or do we ignore God's miracles?

Exodus 14:31

Only after seeing God defeat the Egyptians do the people of Israel believe in the Lord and in Moses. Prior to this they complained against God and soon after they will fail God. But for a moment they believe upon seeing the greatness of God.

In this instance fear initiated their belief. Fear out of realizing how truly powerful God is? God had proven that the perceived strength of the Egyptians is nothing compared to God. But what if in addition to fear we also notice the compassion God has for us.

What if we notice how much God cares for our well being? Can we notice this in our everyday lives? Yes, God is powerful but God is also loving. Out of love God protects us.

When was a moment where we noticed God’s magnificence that made us believe? How soon after did we fail to keep God’s commandments? Let us hold on to that experience of belief and never forget God’s great love. When we do we end up failing God.

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