The Hand of the Lord

Can we recognize God at work in others just like people recognized John the Baptist?

Luke 1:66

People noticed something special in the birth of John the Baptist. Maybe it was because St. John’s mother was advanced in years when she gave birth? Or because the name John was decided for him? Or that his father got his speech back at naming him?

There is something special in John the baptist. He is the herald of Jesus Christ. And it’s a blessing that the neighbors recognized God’s involvement in his birth. Would we have recognized God’s presence in John’s birth?

Do we recognize how God is at work in every child’s birth? Are we appreciating God’s presence when a child is baptized? Can we see how God is working through all our fellow neighbors, even in those we dislike?

Today, let us contemplate on the importance of the nativity of St. John the Baptist. Let us ourselves see the work of God in his birth. Can we then take that same view in seeing the work of God in all those around us?

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