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Luke 6:12 "Follow Jesus in Prayer" If we are Christians, are we spending time in prayer as Jesus did?

Psalm 13:4 "Light. Sight. God. " Are we approaching each day by choosing God over earthly things?

Romans 7:21 "Tempted by Evil" Do we realize that even though sin holds us down, Jesus is the answer to lift us up?

Luke 12:37 "Servants of Christ" Are we truly ready to welcome Jesus when he appears to us in our daily lives?

Luke 12:8 "Confessing Jesus to be Divine" Do we understand that by acknowledging Jesus with our lives we enter into the heavenly space?

Luke 12:1 "Continue Following Jesus" If church leadership fail to follow Jesus, can we remain vigilant to God’s Word?

Luke 11:28 "Blessed by God’s Gift" How can we be blessed if we reject God’s gift of Jesus Christ?

Malachi 3:20 "Hearts Set on God" Is our fear of God driving our lives or are we succumbing to the will of the world?

Luke 6:46 "Jesus is Our Lord" Are we fulfilling God’s commandments or just pretending that we are?

Matthew 1:20 "Changing for God’s Plan" Are we able to change our life plans for God’s plan for us?

Colossians 2:8 "Follow God, Not Man" Can we tell if others are leading us to Jesus or themselves?

Luke 5:11 "Leaving Everything for Jesus" Are we truly giving up everything to follow Jesus?

John 1:46 "Invite Others to Jesus" Are we passionate in our love for Jesus so that others are attracted as well?

Matthew 23:3 "Attentive to God" Are we following God speaking to us through people or just a person who lacks God?

Joshua 24:15 "Choosing God Today" We may call ourselves Christians but do we really know what it means to be a disciple of Christ?

Deuteronomy 10:14 "God is Great" Can we appreciate how out of God's greatness God decided to create us, forgive us, and love us?

Psalm 81:13 "Choosing God" God gives us the choice to follow Jesus or our desires. Where does our heart lead us?

Psalm 19:9 "Seeing With God’s Word" Do we live in God's truth or is our view on life covered by the darkness of lies?

Matthew 12:15 "Jesus Walks Away" Are we following after Jesus or are we dwelling in the evils of the world?

Genesis 46:4 "God With Us Always" Can we overcome our fears and trust in God as God leads us in life?

Genesis 17:1 "God Almighty" Once we recognize God's greatness are we willing to follow God with Faith like Abraham?

Matthew 7:13 "The Narrow Gate" Are we willing to give up everything to follow Jesus?

Matthew 5:16 "Be the Light of God" Are we reflecting God to the people around us today?

Mark 10:52 "Liberty to Follow" After all the healing Jesus is doing on us, are we turning our attention to God?

John 21:22 "Don't Worry, Just Follow" Is our concern on loving Christ or being envious of others?

John 21:17 "Do We Love Jesus?" Do our actions and activity throughout our day reflect our love for Jesus?

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Bible Verse Reflections

God's Word in the scripture verses is powerful. Every verse can hold significant truth if we allow ourselves to meditate on them. Sometimes all it takes is one scripture verse to impact us and feed our mind and soul. Meditate on any of the following posts and grow deeper in your faith and understanding.

Luke 4:15 Praise God at Church Could we be failing at praising God because we are not appreciating Jesus’ presence?
Mark 6:52 Trusting That God Provides When faced with problems in lives how often do we turn to Jesus for our solutions?
1 John 4:8 Knowing God by Loving How aware are we that to know God is to express love to others?

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