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Luke 4:15 "Praise God at Church" Could we be failing at praising God because we are not appreciating Jesus’ presence?

Psalm 13:4 "Light. Sight. God. " Are we approaching each day by choosing God over earthly things?

Luke 11:31 "Pursuing Wisdom, Pursuing God" Are we aware how close God is to us and are we making the most of it?

Luke 11:16 "Demanding God" Are we ignoring the signs in our lives God is showing us?

John 1:48 "God Knows Us" Are we seeing Jesus as both human and God?

Luke 9:9 "Truly Seeing Jesus" If we don’t approach our Christian faith with sincerity in getting to know Jesus we will never see God.

Colossians 1:15 "Seeing God. Seeing Jesus." Are we getting to know Jesus so we can see God the Father?

Luke 4:20 "God Speaks" Are we focusing on Jesus the right way?

Matthew 23:3 "Attentive to God" Are we following God speaking to us through people or just a person who lacks God?

Matthew 13:58 "Responding to Jesus" Do we have enough faith to respond to God's call to us?

Psalm 19:9 "Seeing With God’s Word" Do we live in God's truth or is our view on life covered by the darkness of lies?

Exodus 14:31 "God’s Power" Are we being moved by the power and might of God or do we ignore God's miracles?

Matthew 11:20 "Jesus Reproaches" With all Jesus has done for us, are we still not responding to God's call?

Genesis 28:16 "Recognizing God" Are we open to see God in our everyday lives through scriptures and others?

Acts 12:11 "God Is With Us" Are we allowing ourselves to fall down into our fears and not be lifted up by God?

Luke 1:66 "The Hand of the Lord" Can we recognize God at work in others just like people recognized John the Baptist?

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Maria E. Luevano‑Salazar shares her view on motherhood as a working professional. She draws inspiration from her childhood experience of seeing her own mother and other family members raising their children. Maria explains how being a mother has enhanced her appreciation of scripture and how she continues to express her faith in her family and her work place. Read more

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Bible Verse Reflections

God's Word in the scripture verses is powerful. Every verse can hold significant truth if we allow ourselves to meditate on them. Sometimes all it takes is one scripture verse to impact us and feed our mind and soul. Meditate on any of the following posts and grow deeper in your faith and understanding.

Luke 4:15 Praise God at Church Could we be failing at praising God because we are not appreciating Jesus’ presence?
Mark 6:52 Trusting That God Provides When faced with problems in lives how often do we turn to Jesus for our solutions?
1 John 4:8 Knowing God by Loving How aware are we that to know God is to express love to others?

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