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Romans 7:21 "Tempted by Evil" Do we realize that even though sin holds us down, Jesus is the answer to lift us up?

Romans 6:23 "Choosing Spiritual Life" How much are we thinking about our spiritual life when we sin?

Romans 6:15 "Jesus Above Sin" Do we realize that only by keeping Jesus close do we overcome sin?

Romans 3:23 "All Sinners, All God’s Family" Since we all need God, can we see how we are all the same?

Romans 2:3 "God Judges, Not I" Are we judging others for their sins and forgetting our own?

Baruch 4:28 "Embracing God Always" Are we aware that we need to constantly repent since we tend to not follow God’s way?

Baruch 1:22 "Sinning in Front of God" Are we aware that by keeping our hearts away from God we begin to offend God?

Ezra 9:6 "Ashamed of Sin" Are we really repentful of our sins before we ask God for forgiveness?

1 Timothy 3:15 "Behaving in Front of God" Do we act differently when we think God is not present?

Matthew 22:12 "Changing for God" Are we lying to ourselves that we have no sin and refusing to repent?

Matthew 18:21 "Forgiving Like God" Do we consider how much God has forgiven us when thinking about forgiving others?

Psalm 106:20 "Not Giving Up God" Are we keeping God first in our lives or are we prioritizing other things?

Genesis 45:5 "Saving Lives" Are we bringing Jesus into every aspect of our lives?

Matthew 9:10 "Communing with Jesus" Are we failing to join in communion with God because of our sins?

Genesis 18:15 "Truth of God" God calls out our lies and things we conceal. Are we open to face the truth?

2 Corinthians 6:3 "Stumbling Others" Do our actions bring God to others or pushes them away from God?

Mark 12:40 "God Excuses, We Cannot" What sins are we covering up hoping that God does not notice?

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Bible Verse Reflections

God's Word in the scripture verses is powerful. Every verse can hold significant truth if we allow ourselves to meditate on them. Sometimes all it takes is one scripture verse to impact us and feed our mind and soul. Meditate on any of the following posts and grow deeper in your faith and understanding.

Luke 4:15 Praise God at Church Could we be failing at praising God because we are not appreciating Jesus’ presence?
Mark 6:52 Trusting That God Provides When faced with problems in lives how often do we turn to Jesus for our solutions?
1 John 4:8 Knowing God by Loving How aware are we that to know God is to express love to others?

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