Scripture Reflections for the Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Year A, Lectionary 124

God's ways involves us struggling with carrying out God's mission. We may think we know what discipleship means but only upon following Jesus do we begin to experience the fear and pain of taking up our cross. But Jesus' message is one of accompanying us in our journey and offering us salvation, overcoming our cross with eternal life.

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Psalm 63:2-6, 8-9
Romans 12:1-2

“Paul sees every moral choice that we make, every decision we make about what to do, especially with our bodies, as an act of either offering ourselves to God, which is worship, or offering ourselves to sin, in opposition to God”

Catholic Productions | "Present Your Bodies as a Living Sacrifice" | Brant Pitre | August 26, 2020
Matthew 16:21-27

“You may have the best talent, you may have the best gifts but if you do not make the right use of it the same talent that leads people to Heaven may lead you to Hell. The same material that saved some may destroy others, it all depends on how we use what we have.”

Fr. Emmanuel Ochigbo | August 28, 2023

“when Peter was confessing faith in Jesus's divine sonship, he was the rock, he was the 'petra.' But now that he is opposed to the passion and death and resurrection of Jesus he's become a 'skandalon,' a stumbling stone. So he's still a rock but he's taken on a different form here.”

Catholic Productions | "Following Jesus" | Brant Pitre | August 24, 2020

“It is not the powerful and wealthy who can offer us ultimate meaning and fulfillment but an executed criminal”

"Take up the cross and follow me" | Fr. Geoffrey Plant | August 27, 2023

“I was with my mom when she was dying, cancer had ravaged her body. It was so painful to watch her suffer those last few days. I felt that deep pain, even the thought of losing her, but at the same time I didn't want to be anywhere else but with her.”

Catholic Women Preach | Sr. Theresa Rickard, OP | September 3, 2017

“in every relationship we find ourselves, am I a rock of foundation or am I a stumbling rock?”

Fr. Emmanuel Ochigbo | August 30, 2020

“When you stand behind Jesus, when you stand and I stand in the shadow of the cross then there from that place we realize that it's Jesus who takes us, helps us take up our crosses. That's Jesus who helps bear our cross each and every day.”

St. Teresa of Avila - DC | Monsignor Raymond East | August 30, 2020
Overall Readings

“as human beings we have limits...and when we have limits we have to reach for something greater than ourselves for inspiration and guidance to keep us going”

UACatholic | Fr. John Paul Forté, OP | September 3, 2023

“once our eyes are open to the reality around us we cannot then close them and not see. Once we've heard the cry of the poor, the marginalized and the oppressed we cannot unhear their voices or stop listening”

Catholic Women Preach | Sr. Nicole Trahan, FMI | August 7, 2020

“the word of God is greater than any old preacher. The preacher stands under the word of God.”

St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church, Philadelphia | "Get Out Of My Way" | Fr. Stephen Thorne | August 30, 2020

“the call is constantly what? Denying ourself. Not following God on our terms but a call to say fear is useless and to hold on to the hand of God”

UACatholic | Fr. John Paul Forté, OP | August 30, 2020

“we will not bear abundant fruit if we don't say 'yes' to the pruning. And I want to bear abundant fruit for the Lord.”

Holy Name of Jesus Church & Loyola Ministry | Fr. Mark E. Thibodeaux, SJ | August 30, 2020

“Slander is a favorite indoor sport of too many people, even some who claim to be religious”

Catholic Women Preach | Phyllis Zagano | September 3, 2023

“The devil is real but it ain't that mythical character. It's the power of evil that can cause you to be eternally separated from the love of God.”

Fr. Tony Ricard | September 3, 2023

“it's not unusual for us to get frustrated with God sometimes and it's not necessarily a sign that you're on the wrong track...every intimate relationship we have we're going to have bumpy moments and that's going to be true about our intimate relationship with God as well”

Holy Name of Jesus Church & Loyola Ministry | "You Duped Me, O God!" | Fr. Mark E. Thibodeaux, SJ | September 3, 2023

“The only thing that can satisfy you when you're physically thirsty is water and the only thing that can satisfy your spiritual thirst is God”

St. Teresa of Avila - DC | Monsignor Raymond East | September 3, 2023