Scripture Reflections for the Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Year A, Lectionary 109

To receive divine wisdom we have to acknowledge our limitations and be open to receive God. No matter our knowledge or possessions it cannot compare to God. When confronted with a kingdom to govern Solomon let go of his ego and ask for God's guidance: wisdom. In Jesus' parables, when confronted with a buried treasure or pearl of great price the people who find it let go of all they have. Only after letting go of worldly obsessions can we truly be rich in the treasures of heaven, God's Kingdom.

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Psalm 119:57, 72, 76-77, 127-130
Romans 8:28-30

“Paul doesn't believe in just declaration, although he does think that we are declared righteous, he also believes in transformation, a real change taking place in the person who has faith and who has been baptized through the power of the Holy Spirit who dwells within the believer”

Catholic Productions | "Predestination" | Brant Pitre | July 22, 2020
Matthew 13:44-52

“I think here the basic message of the parable again lies in the twist, namely this, you cannot steal the kingdom of God, you have to give everything in order to obtain it”

Catholic Productions | "Pearl of Great Price" | Brant Pitre | July 20, 2020

“That's just a beautiful image from St. Irenaeus that I thought I'd share with you, I really like that idea of Christ as the treasure hidden in the field of the Old Testament and in hidden in the field of the world”

Catholic Productions | "Poor in Spirit: Poverty in the Spiritual Life" | Brant Pitre | September 11, 2020

“We don't just stumble across the Kingdom of Heaven. It takes work to uncover buried treasure. Building up the Kingdom on Earth is not a quick and easy process but a continual searching and striving to live out the values modeled for us by Jesus in the Gospels.”

U.S. Catholic magazine | Julia Erdlen | July 21, 2023

“in case anyone asks you today 'what is your worth?' just tell the person 'I am worth my God coming down to die for me'”

Fr. Emmanuel Ochigbo | July 24, 2023

“What is the pearl that Jesus gave you last week that he wants you to put down this week to acquire a greater pearl?”

Holy Name of Jesus Church & Loyola Ministry | Fr. Mark E. Thibodeaux, SJ | July 26, 2020
Overall Readings

“To receive divine wisdom we have to acknowledge our limitations, suppress our ego and be open to receive God. No matter our knowledge or possessions we cannot compare to God.”

GatherClip | "How to Uncover God's Hidden Treasure" | Alex | August 15, 2023

“The buried treasure is discovered during the course of the man’s daily work. So we can discover God’s dominion, his kingly reign, the kingdom of God, in the rhythms and routine of everyday life.”

"A Pearl of Great Price" | Fr. Geoffrey Plant | July 23, 2023

“The world and the Word are not always in sync because sometimes if you follow the Word of may find yourself in contradiction to the world”

St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church, Philadelphia | "Some Good Trouble" | Fr. Stephen Thorne | July 27, 2020

“God is saying 'I'm here with you, I'm here in you, I'm here for you but what are you going to let go of so that I may be more of your all in all?'”

Saint Katharine Drexel Parish - Boston, MA | Fr. Oscar Pratt | July 30, 2023

“'Do you understand all these things?' Jesus asks us. How much I wish I could say a confident 'yes' as Matthew describes the disciples as responding. It is such a confusing time.”

Catholic Women Preach | Maria Teresa Gaston | July 30, 2017

“Jesus is a wisdom figure for our time. My dad was a figure of wisdom in his time. This kind of wisdom comes from a life lived in pursuit of the kingdom of heaven among us.”

Catholic Women Preach | Anne Hansen | July 30, 2023

“Are the things that you and I truly long for really treasure or do they treasure the ego? The belly? Today's gospel we're asked a very deep question, what is your treasure? Where is it and what are you willing to do with it?”

UACatholic | Fr. John Paul Forté, OP | July 26, 2020

“But finding the Kingdom does not solve it all. The next question is: are you ready to give something up?”

Fr. Emmanuel Ochigbo | July 26, 2020

“does your parish, does your church look like the Kingdom of Heaven right here on Earth?”

St. Teresa of Avila - DC | Monsignor Raymond East | July 26, 2020

“Funny thing about parables, they disrupt our ways of thinking, our ways of trying to resolve things and keep life tidy”

Catholic Women Preach | Anne Koester | July 1, 2020

“It's hard living in a situation where we have to get along in an imperfect world with imperfect people and realize that sometimes we are the imperfect people”

St. Teresa of Avila - DC | Monsignor Raymond East | July 30, 2023