Scripture Reflections for Holy Thursday

Year A, Lectionary 39

The Easter Triduum begins with Jesus washing our feet to show us that just as God came down to our dirt to cleanse us, we too must follow in serving others with great humility. Before feasting with Jesus at the Last Supper we must help one another and come together as a church community to properly experience the Eucharist.

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Exodus 12:1-8, 11-14
Psalm 116:12-13, 15-18
John 13:1-15

“Do you love the Lord, church? Where is that end? Pray that we never find it cuz God's love is infinite and ours should be too.”

Fr. Oscar Pratt | April 6, 2023

“in reading the gospels I am intrigued by Jesus common practice of asking questions. I see each question as an engage at a deeper level with Christ and our own inner being. An invitation for you and me to ponder our personal relationships with the divine and each other.”

Leslye Colvin | April 6, 2023

“God is good in the good times and the bad times. In the happy times and the sad times. God is good in times of death and God is good in times of birth.”

Monsignor Raymond East |

“da Vinci gave us some great work but that picture of the Last Supper is that, it's a picture. You know, when you ask how many people were there that evening the right answer is 'we don't know.' So how many people will that table accommodate? As many as will say 'Amen' to the God who so loves us.”

Fr. Oscar Pratt | April 1, 2021

“Have you ever had that experience, have you ever had to watch someone that you love do something so self-sacrificial for you that it hurt and you wanted to say no?”

Fr. Mark E. Thibodeaux, SJ | April 14, 2022

“Can we choose to love to the utmost? To engage humbly with one person at a time, to offer refreshment and tenderness to the weary soul, to look with extraordinary love into the eyes of the person in front of us, and convey that they are of infinite value?”

Kathy Baroody |

“he fully was aware of what he was about. He got up and his purpose was to get down. His purpose was to get down, to kneel down and to serve.”

Fr. Stephen Thorne | April 16, 2017

“No matter who we are, we are united in service with one another so that one day we shall be united with our God in the Kingdom of Heaven”

Fr. Tony Ricard | April 6, 2023

“what if he also points to this simple meal and in saying 'this is my body' he's saying 'I'm in this. I'm in these simple gestures of love. The most basic of all. I'm in this. I'm right here.'”

Fr. Mark E. Thibodeaux, SJ | April 9, 2020
Overall Readings

“An interpretative key that helps us to understand the meaning of Jesus’ death is this: Jesus chose Passover. His death is a liberation, not from slavery in Egypt, but freedom from sin and death.”

"Do you understand what I have done to you?" | Fr. Geoffrey Plant | April 3, 2023

“Do we see as we look at our table not only who is there but who is not there? Who is not invited or who is invited but cannot gain access?”

Dr. Kim R. Harris, Ph.D. |

“The new commandment of love is no longer a norm, a law. It is therefore not an obligation, rather, it is the response to the love that God has for us”

Marilyn Santos |

“we are continually invited to enter in the pilgrimage of discipleship with Jesus that is rooted in mercy and love”

Natalie Terry |

“Holy Thursday places before us the challenges involved in following Jesus' model of service among the people of God”

Virginia Saldanha |

“how can we contrive to make our lives a gift? How can we contrive to take not the highest place but the lowest place?”

Bishop Robert Barron |